Tattoo Faq’s
Welcome to the EC Tattoo FAQ section. We are a San Diego Tattoo Parlor committed to providing high quality tattoo’s to the community. We know you have lots of questions about tattoo’s and we created this FAQ to hopefully help you out. If you can’t find the answer to your particular questions, please call or e-mail us and we will be more than happy to give you an answer promptly.

Does Getting a Tattoo Hurt?
The short answer is yes. Pain is all relative and different people have different pain tolerances. Getting a tattoo requires the application of pigment under the first epidermal of skin. By nature, this is a painful process. The larger the tattoo the longer the process will take. But remember, people wouldn’t have multiple tattoos if the first one was unbearable. So, strap in, breath and tough it out!

How much does getting a tattoo in San Diego cost?
The cost of a tattoo is determined by the size and complexity. A small and simple tattoo is materially more cost effective than a very large and complex design. At EC Tattoo we have designs and concepts to fit most budgets.

Tattoo prices also depend on the artist’s experience and expertise. It is very important to note that the tattoo you are getting is something you will wear for the rest of your life, therefore quality should come first. Like any industry there are low quality and high quality results. Sometimes very budget conscious consumers will get a cheap tattoo and end up with a very poor result. Make sure you receive your work from a talented artist with a solid experience level. The tattoo is for life so it’s worth paying for a high quality tattoo.

How do I care for my new tattoo?
Since you received your tattoo from EC Tattoo you are already off to a good start. Your tattoo was applied under strict sanitary guidelines. Here is what you need to do next:

Leave the bandage on for the next hour
Remove the bandage and wash the area with warm soapy water. Pat dry
Do not apply another bandage after the removing the bandage
Apply Aquaphor 3-4 times a day. Apply the first time before the scab forms.
Stay out of chlorine pools and salt water
Limit your exposure to the sun
Do not pick at the scab. The skin will heal within 10-15 days

Do Tattoos fade away?  At EC Tattoo we use high quality pigments which promote preserving the bright and vivid colors of your tattoo. Tattoos often fade early when the ink was applied incorrectly by a novice artist or the recipient did not care for the tattoo properly. Over time of course all tattoos will slightly fade but touch ups at EC Tattoo are complimentary.

Can I bring my own design for a tattoo?
Yes, absolutely. You can bring in your own design and our artist would be happy to turn your design into a beautiful piece of artwork.

Do I leave a tip for a tattoo?
Just like at a restaurant tipping is optional but will surely be appreciated. Your tattoo artist worked hard and left you with a lasting memory. If you find yourself satisfied with the overall experience and artwork then you should definitely tip your artist.

How much should I tip for a tattoo?
People typically tip 10-20% of the cost of a tattoo. 15% is probably average. If you are having multiple sessions done than you can tip per session or at the end. If you are tipping at the end, it would be good etiquette to share your plan with your artist.

For touch ups and short word tattoos error on the side of good manners and still tip your hard working artist.

Is getting a tattoo safe?
Yes, if you receive your work from a highly reputable shop with strict sanitation standards. EC Tattoo is put under the strictest standards. We have implemented a completely disposable tattoo system. Every instrument is new before going into a high temperature autoclave. Subsequent to the tattoo all instruments are disposed and the area is sanitized. Receiving a tattoo at EC Tattoo is absolutely safe!

Can I get a tattoo if I am sick?
Not a good idea. First of all, you want to be polite to the studio and not show up with germs or bacteria that could infect others. In order to properly heal your tattoo, you’re going to need your strength and white blood cell count. If your immune system is comprised, you’ll have trouble healing up timely. It would better to simply call and your reschedule your appointment until you are feeling 100%.

What type of tattoo should I get?
Great question! This is matter of personal taste. You can get whatever you want. You are only limited by your imagination. For inspiration you can view the worldtattoogallery or freetatttoodesigns. If you want something completely original you can use real pictures as examples as an alternative to other people’s tattoos. Simply bring the pictures in to your artist and describe your vision. Tattoo artists are creative by nature so collaborating with your artist is always a great idea!

Where should I get my tattoo?
This is another highly personal choice. Some people have tattoos on their face, neck and sleeves. While others prefer areas of their body they can cover with their clothes. This is a lifestyle choice and should be carefully considered. If you have a job or career that could be affected by exposed tattoos then considered your upper thighs, back, shoulder, thigh or areas of the body that can be covered by clothes.

What are some of the Tattoo Trends?
Great question! In fact, this question comes up a lot as people like to know what is in and what is old news. There has never been a greater variety of themes and styles to choose from then today. Time and creativity has left people with unique options and different ideas on where to place tattoos. Some recent trends we have noticed are Hip Tattoos, Tiny Tattoos and Morphing, just to name a few. This question come up so often that we have addressed it in a comprehensive blog post. Check it out here,San Diego Tattoo Trends in 2017

How Do I Choose The Right Tattoo Shop?
This is arguably the most important question of them all. If you pick the wrong shop it could have a detrimental effect on the whole experience. If you pick the right shop, you could end up with a great tattoo, an enjoyable experience and a partner for touch up and future tattoos. There are many variables to consider like safety standards of the facility, quality of the work they have performed in the past and style to name a few. It’s critical the shop as the ability to match your vision with an artist who has expertise in the style you choose. This match up exercise often makes the key difference in the overall experience. Since this topic is so important, we have written a 1000 word guide on how to choose properly. Check it out here, How To Choose The Right San Diego Tattoo Parlor.

Can you fix or improve an existing tattoo?
Absolutely! Sometimes an older tattoo needs a little love to make it pop again. We can preserve the design and add a little color in order to brighten your tattoo. Or with a little collaboration and creativity we can turn it into a larger and brand new tattoo. If another shop made a mistake and you need experts to correct the misstep, you’ve picked the right shop!